Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings!

Joey and I are taking this week off for recording, but we wanted to take a few min and send out a special Thanksgiving message. During this time of thanksgiving most people often look forward to the big feast (or the big game) and pay simple lip service to those items they are grateful for from the previous year. I say all of that because that is typically how I treat it and not just because of my general jaded mistrusting attitude. Despite all of the things that Joey and I like to complain about during our podcast we really have so much that we can be thankful for. Among the normal (house, family, job, friends, etc) this year Joey and I can add the Podcast to our list. But not just the Podcast, you as our listeners. We are so grateful for all of the emails and comments that you have sent in during this our first year of podcasting. You really help to make this a much more interesting process. More than anything we want to make sure that you are included as much as possible in the conversation.

We won't be recording this weekend but we will be posting up the first of our Podcast Movie Specials: Star Trek the Motion Picture. Look for that to be posted up Monday at our normal time. We'll be back on track with our normal podcasting next week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones this week.

Peter & Joey - TW5

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