Monday, November 9, 2009

Podcast 41: Finally under 2 hours!

Direct MP3 DownloadSurprisingly we managed to keep this podcast under 2 hours (just barely)! And we managed to finish recording in the same day that we started. And what a great way to begin the seventh and final season of TNG. Don't delay, make sure to participate because we won't be going back to cover these things again. This podcast covers episodes 1-4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 7.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Comment from Listener Libby
    The greater good is to listen to TW5.
    If you were marooned for 7 years would you give up on verbal speech?
    Why do I talk to myself when I am alone?
    Why do you eat: pleasure or plain nourishment?
    Do blind people get scared on roller-coasters? Listener Assignment: Go on a roller-coaster blindfolded
    Joey pronounces clerk as clark. What is he, British?
    I Fight Dragons concert tour
    JC Hutchins 7th Son Novel

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:
Descent Part 2: 40min 51sec
Peter: SciFi - 5 Television - 3
Joey: SciFi - 9 Television - 5

Liaisons: 23min 59sec
Peter: SciFi - 6 Television - 5
Joey: SciFi - 4 Television - 4

Interface: 26min 08sec
Peter: SciFi - 6 Television - 4
Joey: SciFi - 6 Television - 3

Gambit part 1: 19min 34sec
Peter: SciFi - 4 Television - 4
Joey: SciFi - 6 Television - 5

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