Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updated Podcasting Schedule for Season 5+

It appears Peter has finally given up on trying to get the podcast under two hours, so we will be returning to our former "4 episode per podcast" format. Below is an updated schedule to help your correlate your watching with our podcast, continuing past the end of Season 5 and into Season 6. I know we have some returning guests, and there is a possibility for a visit from what I'm going to tentatively call a "hostile guest", so be sure to tune in!

Podcast 30 (Recorded 2009-Aug-14, will be published Monday)
The Masterpiece Society
Power Play

Podcast 31 (2009-Aug-21):
The Outcast
Cause and Effect
The First Duty
Cost of Living

Podcast 32 (2009-Aug-28):
The Perfect Mate
Imaginary Friend
I Borg
The Next Phase

Podcast 33 (2009-Sep-4; Season 5 wrap-up):
The Inner Light
Time's Arrow, Part I

Podcast 34 (2009-Sep-11):
Time's Arrow, Part II
Realm of Fear
an of the People

Podcast 35 (2009-Sep-18):
True Q
A Fistful of Datas

Podcast 36 (2009-Sep-25):
The Quality of Life
Chain of Command, Part I
Chain of Command, Part II
Ship in a Bottle

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