Monday, August 24, 2009

Podcast 31: It's the way we were born

We were pretty concerned with how this podcast was going to go. But we think things ended up turning out ok. Due in part to our special guest Anne. But This podcast covers episodes 17-20 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 5.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    I Fight Dragons
    JC Hutchins 7th Son Novel
    Gender Roles
    "Born that way"
    What is the difference between homosexuality and mental disorders?
    Cause & Effect - didn't we talk about this before?
    Duty to truth vs. backing up your team
    Anne needs to hide a body, who is willing to help her?
    Raising children via contract
    Compromising vs. giving up

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:

The Outcast: 1hr 08min 04sec
Peter: SciFi - 6 Television - 6
Joey: SciFi - 6 Television - 4
Anne: SciFi - 6 Television - 8

Cause & Effect: 36min 00sec
Peter: SciFi - 9 Television - 6
Joey: SciFi - 8 Television - 3
Anne: SciFi - 6 Television - 2

The First Duty: 33min 28sec
Peter: SciFi - 4 Television - 6
Joey: SciFi - 3 Television - 4
Anne: SciFi - 2 Television - 7

Cost of Living: 54min 13sec
Peter: SciFi - 3 Television - 3
Joey: SciFi - 3 Television - 4
Anne: SciFi - 3 Television - 3

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Anonymous said...

I just have to say (while I am still listening) it is brain-washing because they changed her mind against her will. The writers make this pretty clear by having her say she doesn't want to get the treatments, also they subtlety infer it.

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