Thursday, July 23, 2009

Podcasting Schedule for Season 5

If you've listened to Podcast #26, you probably noticed that we only covered three episodes as opposed to our usual slate of four. This was an effort to bring the overall runtime down a little bit, pretty much solely to satisfy Peter. As misguided as this effort was in the podcast containing Darmok, I wanted to take a moment to give you an updated schedule for which episodes will be on our viewing schedule in the near future.

Podcast 27 (2009-Jul-24):
Silicon Avatar
The Game

Podcast 28 (2009-Jul-31):
Unification I
Unification II
A Matter of Time

Podcast 29 (2009-Aug-7):
No Ground
Hero Worship

Podcast 30 (2009-Aug-14):
The Masterpiece Society
Power Play

Podcast 31 (2009-Aug-21):
The Outcast
Cause and Effect

Podcast 32 (2009-Aug-28):
The First Duty
Cost of Living
The Perfect Mate

Podcast 33 (2009-Sep-4):
Imaginary Friend
I Borg
The Next Phase

Podcast 34 (2009-Sep-11):
The Inner Light
Time's Arrow

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