Monday, July 13, 2009

Podcast 25: Our silver anniversary... sort of

Well we have come to the end of season 4 and our 25th podcast (if you count the two lost podcasts). This podcast covers episodes 25-26 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 4. I think we must have both been tired, because there was a lot of editing out of long pauses, but it was an awesome wrap-up to the best season of TNG thus far.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Peter curses a blue streak at Joey, Joey refrains from returning fire
    Listener Jim is smart
    The ethics of romance
    New vocabulary word: naif
    Joey makes up constitutional law
    Let's be like the French
    Season 4 Wrap Up - includes new items "Hot Chick", "Best Concept or Idea", and "Trek West 5 Ultimate List of Best Episodes from Season 4"

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show as well as Season 4 lists/recaps:
In Theory: 38min 44sec
Peter: SciFi - 2 Television - 4
Joey: SciFi - 5 Television - 4

Redemption: 20min 22sec
Peter: SciFi - 4 Television - 3
Joey: SciFi - 3 Television - 3

Season 3 wrap up: 39min 03sec

Season 4 recaps and lists
Favorite Extra/Bit Part
Peter & Joey: Robert Picard from the episode Family

Most Hated Character
Peter: Jono from the episode Suddenly Human
Joey: Vash from the episode Qpid

Hot Chick
Peter: Inara Yar (as played by Beth Toussaint) from the episode Legacy
Joey: Lanel (as played by Bebe Neuwirth) from the episode First Contact

Favorite Villain
Peter: The Durass Family
Joey: The 2D beings from The Loss

Favorite New Concept
Joey: Alpha Moon's method to tap into the energy from Peliar Zel's magnetic field from the episode The Host

Top 5 Hated Episodes
  1. Remember Me
  2. The Loss
  3. Suddenly Human
  4. Night Terrors
  5. The Host

  1. Night Terrors
  2. The Host
  3. The Loss
  4. Suddenly Human
  5. Identity Crisis

Top 5 Favorite Episodes
  1. Data's Day
  2. Family
  3. Final Mission
  4. Brothers
  5. Nth Degree

  1. Family
  2. Data's Day
  3. Nth Degree
  4. Brothers
  5. The Drumhead

Trek West 5 Ultimate List of Best Episodes from Season 4
  1. Family
  2. Data's Day
  3. The Nth Degree
  4. Brothers
  5. The Wounded

Favorite Overall Moment
Peter: Family: Jean Luc Picard breaking down while talking to his brother.
Robert and Jean-Luc reconciled

Joey: The Drumhead: Captain Picard's speech about civil liberties
When the first link of the chain is forged...

Most Honorable Mention:
The Wounded: Cheif O'Brien talking about his hatred of Cardassians
I hate what I became because of you

Honorable Mention:
The Nth Degree: The meeting of a new alien race called the Cytherians (funny)
Data's Day: Data's interactions with O'Brien regarding O'Brien's fiance wanting to cancel the wedding and calling LaForge a "lunkhead" (very funny)
Final Mission: Picard speaking to Wes about his future

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