Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Episodes for Upcoming Podcasts

In case any of you wanted to participate more in the podcast, but were having trouble keeping track of when you needed to get you comments in, or get the episodes watched by, I've put together a list of the upcoming episodes and the corresponding podcast recording dates. If you want to come on the podcast but are having trouble locating a copy of the episodes, we can probably help you there as well.

Also, you might notice there's a recording gap on June 19th - this is the tenth anniversary of the day Joey managed to con someone into marrying him, and he thinks it's probably best if he doesn't plan on staying out late with Pete that night.

Podcast 20 (2009-May-22):
Remember Me
Future Imperfect

Podcast 21 (2009-May-29):
Final Mission
The Loss
Data's Day
The Wounded

Podcast 22 (2009-Jun-05):
Devil's Due
First Contact
Galaxy's Child

Podcast 23 (2009-Jun-12):
Night Terrors
Identity Crisis
The Nth Degree

Podcast 24 (2009-Jun-26):
The Drumhead
Half a Life
The Host
The Mind's Eye

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