Monday, May 27, 2013

Podcast 166: Judgement Day

Our buddy Curtis comes on to have some fun discussing the BSG Season 2 wrap up. Oh what a lot of fun this has been. This tv podcast covers episodes 19 and 20 of Battlestar Galactica Season 1.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Joey's Culture Corner: Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver
    Facebook Find of the Week: Listener Brainy Smurf - Silence and the Weeping Angels
    Top 5 Favorite original NES video games
    Pete likes to watch
    Giggle fits
    Music Intro: I Fight Dragons

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Here are the Season Two lists/recaps: Here is the rating that we gave for the episode in Podcast 166: 2hr 29min 21sec:
Lay Down Your Burden's pt1
Peter: Television - 7 SciFi - 7
Joey: Television - 7 SciFi - 7

Lay Down Your Burden's pt2
Peter: Television - 9 SciFi - 9
Joey: Television - 9 SciFi - 8

Series recaps and lists
Favorite Extra/Bit Part
Peter: Billy
Joey: Brother Cavil

Most Hated Character
Peter: Starbuck
Joey: Colonel Fisk

Hot Chick
Peter & Joey: Kandyse McClure as Dee

Favorite Villain
Peter: Admiral Cain
Joey: Deanna

Funniest Moment
Peter: Anything Doc Cottle does
Joey: Head 6 leaning on Zerrick

Top Hated Episodes
  1. Sacrifice
  2. Scar
  3. Black Market
  1. Downloaded
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Scar
  4. Black Market
  5. Valley of Darkness

Top Favorite Episodes
  1. Pegasus
  2. Resurrection Ship
  3. Home pt2
  4. Lay Down Your Burdens pt2
  5. Final Cut
  1. Downloaded
  2. Home pt2
  3. Lay Down Your Burdens
  4. Resurrection Ship pt2
  5. Resurrection Ship pt1

Favorite Overall Moment
Peter: Gina killing Admiral Cain
Die Bitch

Joey: 6 Waking up and seeing Head Gaius
Only you can see me

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