Monday, March 11, 2013

Podcast 159: You Will Be Spared Their Fate

Long week, short podcast. I don't know, some stuff happened, and we talked about it. It sounded like we were having fun. You probably will too when you listen to it. This tv podcast covers episodes 5 and 6 of Battlestar Galactica Season 2.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Joey loves the environment so much that he rides his bike and takes public transit
    Joey doesn't know Queen songs and Pete struggles to remember the names of any of their songs
    Joey's Culture Corner: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers
    Facebook Find of the Week: Listener Fishhead - Five Sci-Fi Children's Books
    Never try crushing walnuts with your bare hands.
    Humans are terrible people
    Music Intro: I Fight Dragons

Here is the rating that we gave for the episodes in Podcast 159: 1hr 28min 21sec:
The Farm
Peter: SciFi - 9 Television - 7
Joey: SciFi - 9 Television - 6

Home part 1
Peter: SciFi - 8 Television - 8
Joey: SciFi - 7 Television - 7

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