Monday, June 18, 2012

Podcast 138: Blunt Instrument vs. Scalpel

Good podcast this week.  Not only did we have some geed episodes to watch but My Friend Jon Madsen and Curtis joined us.  We cover Out of Gas and Ariel of Firefly.  Sorry about the bad sound quality.  It was a new mic.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    48hour film project wrapup
    Joey's Culture Corner: The Children of Hamelin by Danny Lasko
    Facebook Find of the Week: Listener Carbonite Man - 25 of the awesomest sci-fi creations fans ever built in Minecraft
    Space is silent
    Getting shot on a tv show
    Mustache discussions
    Everybody dies alone
    Music by Shayna Zaid

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:
Out of Gas: 1hr 31min 46sec
Peter: SciFi - 8 Television - 7
Joey: SciFi - 8 Television - 7
Jon: SciFi - 6 Television - 6
Curtis: SciFi - 6 Television - 8

Ariel: 34min 43sec
Peter: SciFi - 8 Television - 8
Joey: SciFi - 7 Television - 10
Jon: SciFi - 6 Television - 9
Curtis: SciFi - 6 Television - 10

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