Monday, September 12, 2011

Podcast 115: We'll Put Your Eye Out

 I can't even concentrate on what happened in this weeks podcast because the NFL is finally back! I think we talk about some Babylon 5 stuff. We cover episodes 1-4 of Babylon 5, Season 4.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Similarities between DS9 and B5
    My Friend Jon Madsen is back! sort of
    We announce the next TW5 series: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Firefly
    Joey's Culture Corner: The Magician King by Lev Grossman
    Facebook Find of the Week: Listener Brainy Smurf - Star Wars Smoking PSA
    Do you have anything worth living for?
    Minbari Lingerie
    Josh Woodward's track Morning Blue

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:
The Hour of the Wolf: 1hr 04min 17sec
Peter: SciFi - 7 Television - 6
Joey: SciFi - 7 Television - 6

Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?: 35min 49sec
Peter: SciFi - 8 Television - 7
Joey: SciFi - 9 Television - 7

The Summoning: 25min 00sec
Peter: SciFi - 7 Television - 7
Joey: SciFi - 8 Television - 7

Apotheosis: 24min 31sec
Peter: SciFi - 9 Television - 7
Joey: SciFi - 8 Television - 6

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