Monday, May 16, 2011

Podcast 100: You suck Larry DiTillio

 Hooray for us reaching podcast 100! It sucks that we had to spend the majority of it watching episodes written by Larry DiTillio. I can't believe that we talked about the episode TKO as much as we did. That is a horrible episode. Why JMS didn't fire Larry DiTillio after this episode, I'll never know. I hope you all were paying attention in the episode Signs & Portents because that is the most important episode this season. We cover episodes 13-16 of Babylon 5, Season 1.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Joey's Culture Corner: The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
    Facebook Find of the Week: Listener Fishhead - JMS SciFi contributions
    "What do you want?"
    The Door Close button in elevators does not do anything
    TKO is horrible
    It absolutely matters what you are seeking after
    Interstellar Pig
    Josh Woodward's track Morning Blue

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:
Signs & Portents: 57min 40sec
Peter: SciFi - 7 Television - 5
Joey: SciFi - 9 Television - 7
Aaron: SciFi - 8 Television - 6

TKO: 15min 08sec
Peter: SciFi - 2 Television - 1
Joey: SciFi - 1 Television - 0
Aaron: SciFi - 2 Television - 2

Grail: 21min 12sec
Peter: SciFi - 5 Television - 3
Joey: SciFi - 7 Television - 5
Aaron: SciFi - 7 Television - 5

Eyes: 24min 50sec
Peter: SciFi - 6 Television - 3
Joey: SciFi - 6 Television - 5
Aaron: SciFi - 6 Television - 4

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