Monday, January 17, 2011

Podcast 88: Season 6 wrap up

  Just so we are clear, Joey and I kept at least 3 feet on the floor during the entire podcast. We finally made it through season 6. I think we should get a prize. Oh well, we had some fun talking about it anyway. Thanks to everyone who sent in comments. We cover episodes 21-22 of The West Wing, Season 6.

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Trek West 5 Facebook Group
    Peter's Culture Corner: Enter the Dragon
    Principles of an American Life: Espionage Act of 1917
    Josh Woodward's track Morning Blue

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show as well as Season 6 lists/recaps:
Things Fall Down: 43min 50sec
Peter: Television - 6
Joey: Television - 6

2162 Votes: 35min 26sec
Peter: Television - 6
Joey: Television - 7

Season 6 wrap up: 35min 23sec

Season 6 recaps and lists
Favorite Extra/Bit Part
Peter: Josh's temp secretary
Joey: Cliff Calley

Most Hated Character
Peter & Joey: Kate Harper

Favorite Villain
Peter: Doug Weston
Joey: Speaker of the House Hafley

Hot Chick
Peter & Joey: Helen Santos as played by Teri Polo

Favorite Issue
Peter: The open honesty of politicians
Joey: Education Reform

Top 5 Hated Episodes
  1. Ninety Miles Away
  2. A Good Day
  3. Drought Conditions
  4. 365 Days
  5. Hubbert Peak

  1. Ninety Miles Away
  2. NSF Thurmont
  3. Drought Conditions
  4. 3rd Day Story
  5. Dover Test

Top 5 Favorite Episodes
  1. Liftoff
  2. 3rd Day Story
  3. Freedonia
  4. Wake Up Call

  1. Liftoff
  2. Freedonia
  3. Wake Up Call
  4. Impact Winter
  5. In the Room

Favorite Overall Moment
Peter: President Bartlett completely loosing control of his body
Why won't my legs work?
Joey: Arnie Vinick speech at the Republican National Convention
We don't have to hate each other

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