Monday, August 23, 2010

Podcast 76: West Wing Season 4 wrap up

 Live* from the secret bunker, alternate recording location in Utah, TrekWest 5 brings you the West Wing season 4 wrap up special. We also cover episodes 21-23 of The West Wing, Season 4.

*recorded from a previously live event

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Joey's Culture Corner: The movie: TiMER
    Principles of an American Life: The 26th Amendment
    Appropriate graduation gifts
    Peter is not in love with John Goodman
    Joey's daughter is embarrassed by him
    Listener Si email
    Josh Woodward's track Morning Blue

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show as well as Season 4 lists/recaps:
Life on Mars: 42min 46sec
Peter: Television - 8
Joey: Television - 8

Commencement: 21min 25sec
Peter: Television - 9
Joey: Television - 9

Twenty Five: 18min 00sec
Peter: Television - 9
Joey: Television - 8

Season 4 wrap up: 36min 39sec

Season 4 recaps and lists
Favorite Extra/Bit Part
Peter & Joey: Joe Qunicy as played by Matthew Perry

Most Hated Character
Peter: Will Bailey
Joey: Jean Paul

Favorite Villain
Peter: Jean Paul
Joey: President Walkin

Hot Chick
Peter: Carol Fitzpatrick played by Melissa Fitzgerald
Joey: Cathy played by Amy Adams
Honorable Mention: Marion Cotesworth-Haye played by Helen Slayton-Hughes

Favorite Issue
Peter: Hard work gets you the story in the end
Joey: Long term side effect of killing Abdul Shareef

Top 5 Hated Episodes
  1. The Long Goodbye
  2. Angel Maintenance
  3. Evidence of Things Not Seen
  4. Process Stories
  5. Swiss Diplomacy

  1. The Long Goodbye
  2. Swiss Diplomacy
  3. Red Haven's on Fire
  4. Angel Maintenance
  5. Process Stories

Top 5 Favorite Episodes
  1. Twenty Five
  2. Commencement
  3. 20 Hours in America pt 2
  4. Game On
  5. Holy Night

  1. Commencement
  2. Twenty Five
  3. 20 Hours in America
  4. Game On
  5. Holy Night

Favorite Overall Moment
Peter: Guns Not Butter: You want to be the guy who gets things done for the guy.
You want to be the guy who gets things done for the guy.
Joey: Twenty Five: Leo was right!
Leo was right!

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