Monday, May 3, 2010

Podcast 63: Almost like a Filibuster

We had a lot of stuff to talk about this week that wasn't even related to the West Wing episodes. Many thanks to Listener Si for sending in some great stuff about British Politics. As an example, take a look at some of the great photos of the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, below. The TW5 intern also joined us for the second week in a row. We need a new guest so he will stop coming on (only kidding Aaron). We discuss episodes 17-20 of The West Wing, Season 2.

I can't tell if he is hitting on me or just pleased with what I am doing.
Extreme patriotism: saluting the flag on the bike you are riding.
Bored? No, I thought I was taking a bite of a sandwich

Various topics discussed in this podcast include:
    Listener Si with more of a British perspective on healthcare and the political system
    Jon Stewart on British scandals
    Puerto Rico to vote on self determination
    National healthcare is a possible 10th Amendment violation
    Ronnie Lee Gardner to use death by firing squad
    Principles of an American Life: The 13th Amendment
    Filibustering - would you pee your pants to maintain the filibuster control?
    The first 2000 Prime Numbers
    I Fight Dragons

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Here are the ratings that we gave for each show:
Stackhouse Filibuster: 1hr 26min 17sec
Peter: Television - 8
Joey: Television - 8
Aaron: Television - 9

17 People: 26min 58sec
Peter: Television - 9
Joey: Television - 7
Aaron: Television - 8

Bad Moon Rising: 19min 22sec
Peter: Television - 9
Joey: Television - 8
Aaron: Television - 7

The Fall's Gonna Kill You: 20min 05sec
Peter: Television - 7
Joey: Television - 7
Aaron: Television - 5

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